Exact Online – Cargo-Portal.com Connector – Belgium

Connect your carrier direct from Exact Online. With a press of a button labels and Track & Trace!!

Connect to all major carriers (Bpost UPS, FedEx, DHL and DPD) in less then 5 minutes and have all your salesorders ready for shipping and labeling  with a mouseclick. We will automatictly send your customers track and trace emails (with your name as sender) and keep track of the shipment status yourself in your main dashboard.


No more errors retyping of addresses
Keep track of all your systems from your cargo-portal dashboard
Flexibility, A to B Shipping is multi-carrier (Bpost UPS, FedEx, DHL and DPD),)
Speed up your shipmentproces, with a mouseclick shippinglabels are generated and track & trace mails send
Keep track of your parcels, until delivery at your customer

Pricing Cargo-Portal.com Connector Belgium

Basic –               € 25,– Year volume 10.000

Premium –        € 50,– Year volume 10.000 and up

Carriers Available:

bpost         dpd        index
Bpost (Europe)                  DPD (Europe)                    UPS (Worldwide)

skynet         dhl         fedex

SkyNet(Worldwide)            DHL (Worldwide)              FedEx (Worldwide)


Comming soon:
Use our contracts to ship your parcel. Submit your annual volume on your preferred carrier so we can give you a quote
For questions or support on this app, mail to be.info@atob-shipping.com.
This app will work with all Exact online versions.

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